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Today, all the corporates accept that talent contributes phenomenally towards accelerating economic growth and business productivity and forms one of the key prototypes of fixed capital. A.W Lewis, who is believed to have sired the study of Economic Development, pioneered the concept of human capital in his book, espousing about the idea of investing on human capital in the year 1954. Gradually with the evolution of management studies, the thesis of human resource emerged as a concrete and organized discipline emphasizing in-depth research and analysis on the subject. This study has now become imperative to optimize business profitability and goodwill by analyzing the current management practices and suggesting corrective measures related to effective utilization of human resources. HR Consultants in India are currently extending their insights and expertise for developing policies, employee manual, dealing with grievance issues, enhancing employee efficiency for achieving organizational goals.

Facilitating Communication

Communication is very integral function for maintaining clarity and understanding amongst the members and stakeholders of the organizations and is essentially a two way traffic. During its inception a company must develop an organizational structure with the help of HR Consultancy Agencies in Pune and illustrate the roles of each member before chartering responsibilities to them. The Human Resource Department (HRD) serves as the matrix of maintaining communication flow in the organization. They act as the receptors who are responsible for receiving employee feedback, gauging their satisfaction level and fulfilling their training requirements for ensuring higher job efficaciousness. Appraising the employees about management’s observations and expectations is also one of the pivotal functions of HR apart from staffing, payroll processing, training and organizing motivational programs for employees’ development.

Balancing Talent and Organizational Goals

An astute HR will be able to identify the two predominant factors in prospective employees and those are their type of talent and the motivations that inspire them to excel. The focal point of HR Consulting Services in Pune is guiding human talent to achieve the vision of the organization because this talent factor is responsible for driving all the other forms of capitals in a business be it machines, building, land, money or any other services. Further, talent and skill optimization majorly depends on conducting effective recruitment, training resources, remuneration administration, safe working environment and above all their warranting their work satisfaction. Thus, the function of human resource coordination is inseparably interwoven with the science of psychology and social welfare for achieving holistic development of the organization.





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